Back by…well probably not popular demand

OK…so here’s my updates in a nutshell:

-I am one month and 1 day away from being a wife and official Texarkana resident (Mrs. Ross?!?)

-I have every intention of at LEAST weekly posts, I really do!…but…

-I was recently laid off from my job, immediately, my boss was not informed of it, and I even won a performance award that morning…. I hit an all time low. I also threw all my efforts into job hunting. Unfortunately, I’m relocating (earlier than planned, mind you), and moving from a town of about 150K to about 50K over two states (Texarkana rides the line of Texas and Arkansas). I can’t even go into the amount of unfortunate problems I’ve hit.

-I am fortunate to still keep in contact with the greatest Boss/Director/Feminist/Friend/Leader I’ve ever been fortunate enough to know. Although I called her for career advice (girlfriend has received national awards), she interupted me: “Ok, Lauren, You are saying everything positive and I can still hear the depression in you voice. I was once in your shoes and the best advice I ever received was fake it. I don’t care how your feeling, smile. Find something to focus your attention on, not this job, not the wedding, YOU, because your job and your wedding will never show how great you are if you’re in a bad place – and you are great, but you’ve got to hold on get it together for that to REALLY show. THAT is what makes you unique.” Incredible advice. she suggested I get a manicure and facial but HEY no job! Yay! Instead, I had one last good cry. I remembered how confident and innovative I was when I worked for her, and was determined to get myself back there. So I gave myself an at home spa night, movie with my boyfriend (fiance or husband…he’s always my boyfriend), had a good breakfast, had a great morning workout, DETAILED the house, and am trying to find things I love again (I’m forcing myself to blog right now, but I do love to write). 


So there’s that, it should explain why I’ve been M.I.A. I have done a TON to the house, but in order to keep the blogging momentum going, I’m going to break it up. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of pictures of before and after and what’s still left to do (which should leave plenty of posts). Promise things are going to get better, but I’ve got to prioritize. See you soon! Thanks for staying with me!