Office Space Jam

First of all…if you have never seen the movie, Office Space, stop whatever the hell you are doing right now and go watch it!! It is a comedy, but it’s real….it’s so real. We (including myself saying “we”) often say things like “_______ never prepared me for the real world.” Would you like to be prepared? Go watch that movie right now. Besides the AMAZING soundtrack, here’s why:


1. You might be educated….but you still don’t “know”:

office space animated GIF


2. You still struggle with confidence issues, especially when trying to “sell yourself” without seeming like a cocky asshole (especially when asked “what makes you different”):

working animated GIF


3. You will probably consider quitting and doing literally anything else:

office space animated GIF


4. The older you get, the more uncomfortably inappropriate people are…yes, in a “professional environment,” too:

sex animated GIF


5. When corporate bosses/consultants come in, they will tell you they want you to be “free,” and “creative,” and “express how you really feel”……THIS IS A TRAP! More than likely, they don’t:

office space animated GIF



reaction animated GIF


7. You will have at least one job (probably more) that will make you a shell of a person/make you hate EVERYone:

work animated GIF


8. Yes, this will happen, too:

movie animated GIF


9. Loyal, good people will steal your office supplies. Guard them with your life!!!

Maudit animated GIF


10. There will ALWAYS be that one co-worker that has to comment on EVERYTHING. Worse, it seems like they might be trying to get a laugh?

monday animated GIF


11. Office equipment is the worst (we really can’t update this 1980s model?):

office space animated GIF


12. Corporate visits are like your parents saying “we need to talk,” even if you’ve done nothing wrong:

Maudit animated GIF


13. Know the difference:

Maudit animated GIF


14. You will feel fat being overly eager for “community food”:

Maudit animated GIF


15. But never…NEVER forget:

fish animated GIF

Pulse Point IV

Because I’m feelin’ it….

When I prepare to eat…almost anything….and we’re out of ketchup/ranch dressing

Utter Disbelief

When I’m on Facebook and I see someone post something that defies every bit of who they really are:


When the sushi chef hands me my sushi plate:

James Franco

When someone snaps an unnecessary, rude/condescending comment to me:

John Wayne is sick of your shit

When I’m talking to pretentious people for business purposes:


When “This Is How We Do It” comes on

House Party Dance

When the bubbly girl in the office is sucking up to our boss:

Big Whoop

When someone tells me I can’t dance:

Confused Lion King

psshh…I know I’m fly…..

have a lovely weekend!

Pulse Point III

You’re Welcome


How I feel when I’m trying to communicate with a hysterical, unhappy woman:




How I felt when our home seller said she would give us the lowest price if we closed quickly:





How I feel about seeing Jason and closing tomorrow:





How I feel about my hair these days:





How I feel about losing my FAVORITE three-wolf-moon shirt:




How I feel about moving, taking down wallpaper, texturing the walls, painting the whole house, working, attending my first wedding shower, and watching a 4 year old within the next week



How I feel about my FAVORITE paint color for the front door not looking good in the photoshop version:





How I feel….always….everyday….all the time:




How I feel about my BFF, Brittany, not understanding the meme I was talking about:





How I feel when someone said “Perfect place to make Gin and Tonics” when I showed them the picture of the bar in our new home:




Closing tomorrow! Fingers crossed all goes well!