Office Space Jam

First of all...if you have never seen the movie, Office Space, stop whatever the hell you are doing right now and go watch it!! It is a comedy, but it's's so real. We (including myself saying "we") often say things like "_______ never prepared me for the real world." Would you like to be… Continue reading Office Space Jam


Pulse Point (Vol. 2)

Wedding planning has slowed down....but I want to do another pulse point..because they're fun and┬átherapeutic! ­čÖé┬áThis is how I feel when someone (specifically women) tells me something three times in teh same sentence:┬á┬áThis is how I feel when I make a funny joke or a bad pun and Jason doesn't laugh:┬á┬áThis is how I feel… Continue reading Pulse Point (Vol. 2)