Office Space Jam

First of all…if you have never seen the movie, Office Space, stop whatever the hell you are doing right now and go watch it!! It is a comedy, but it’s real….it’s so real. We (including myself saying “we”) often say things like “_______ never prepared me for the real world.” Would you like to be prepared? Go watch that movie right now. Besides the AMAZING soundtrack, here’s why:


1. You might be educated….but you still don’t “know”:

office space animated GIF


2. You still struggle with confidence issues, especially when trying to “sell yourself” without seeming like a cocky asshole (especially when asked “what makes you different”):

working animated GIF


3. You will probably consider quitting and doing literally anything else:

office space animated GIF


4. The older you get, the more uncomfortably inappropriate people are…yes, in a “professional environment,” too:

sex animated GIF


5. When corporate bosses/consultants come in, they will tell you they want you to be “free,” and “creative,” and “express how you really feel”……THIS IS A TRAP! More than likely, they don’t:

office space animated GIF



reaction animated GIF


7. You will have at least one job (probably more) that will make you a shell of a person/make you hate EVERYone:

work animated GIF


8. Yes, this will happen, too:

movie animated GIF


9. Loyal, good people will steal your office supplies. Guard them with your life!!!

Maudit animated GIF


10. There will ALWAYS be that one co-worker that has to comment on EVERYTHING. Worse, it seems like they might be trying to get a laugh?

monday animated GIF


11. Office equipment is the worst (we really can’t update this 1980s model?):

office space animated GIF


12. Corporate visits are like your parents saying “we need to talk,” even if you’ve done nothing wrong:

Maudit animated GIF


13. Know the difference:

Maudit animated GIF


14. You will feel fat being overly eager for “community food”:

Maudit animated GIF


15. But never…NEVER forget:

fish animated GIF

A Post about a Hook

So…for the most part, I’m an adult now. By that, I mean I’m a 27 year-old homeowner, with a respectable job, that still laughs at “that what she said” and fart jokes. But let’s face it, they’re hilarious. I am also a 90s child. I love it. I love that we are bringing the 90s fashion is back. And just WAIT til that floral pattern for home decor comes back (ya better check ya’self before you wreck ya’self, chevron pattern!). Also…still waiting on my beanie baby collection to have value again…I will be SO rich.

rich animated GIFHolla, Richie Rich!

Back to 2014 for a second, I LOVE Emma Stone. And I really love that people tell me I look like her instead of Lindsey Lohan now. But sadly, after she straight up obliterated Jimmy Fallon in a lip-sync battle, I no longer feel worthy of comparison. Aside from her mad skills and overall awesomeness, she sang one of my FAVORITE songs- “The Hook” by Blues Traveler

Weird thing about this song, it was popular circa ’94, which put me at 7 years old (SWEET BABY JESUS…I just realized that song is 20 years old this year! whhaaaaa. Aging is for the birds). That’s right, a 7 year old jamming Blues Travelers…I was a cool kid. 

Except for one moment. I’ve know every word to the song since then, but I have never PROCESSED the words until my girl, Emma, battled it out. And I will be darned if that mindlessness isn’t what the song is about!


“It doesn’t matter what I say / So long as I sing with inflection /
That makes you feel that I’ll convey / Some inner truth of vast reflection / But I’ve said nothing so far / And I can keep it up for as long as it takes / And it don’t matter who you are / If I’m doing my job then it’s your resolve that breaks
/ Because the hook brings you back / I ain’t tellin’ you no lie
/ The hook brings you back
/ On that you can rely”


My face..wait for it:

christopher lloyd animated GIF

and I felt a lot like this.

I’ve been tricked. Now, y’all…one of my better qualities is that I’m a pretty witty lass. I over-think things and I’m fantastic with detail. So this realization caught me a bit off guard…how much mindlessness passes through me every day?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “deep” post or anything, but I thought I’d throw that out there because I thought if ANYone would feel me, the internet would feel me. Help me. What other songs do this?