Listin’ Like a BOSS

After yesterday's big reveal, I'm VERY excited to bring you some better pictures and a room by room breakdown of how I see the house come together. Note I said "I," Jason and I have not discussed this. I assure you whatever projects come our way will only happen if we're both on board. Also,… Continue reading Listin’ Like a BOSS


Funny Story….

So here's a funny thing about the house pictured below: We bought it. And we're moving in! Well..technically Jason is moving in in August (along with all my you, honey), but I won't technically live there until after we're married in October! Let's first talk about the range of emotions this has begot. First,… Continue reading Funny Story….

Pulse Point (Vol. 2)

Wedding planning has slowed down....but I want to do another pulse point..because they're fun and therapeutic! 🙂 This is how I feel when someone (specifically women) tells me something three times in teh same sentence:  This is how I feel when I make a funny joke or a bad pun and Jason doesn't laugh:  This is how I feel… Continue reading Pulse Point (Vol. 2)

Pulse Point

I started this blog to document my journey to marriage...but I've learned that after I actually DO some wedding planning...I don't want to frick'n talk about it! At an old job, we used to have meetings called "pulse points" where you metaphorically pause to check your pulse: "How am I feeling?" "How am I doing?" "What… Continue reading Pulse Point