Changing Faces

Let's not call this a pulse point....but I feel like Bill Hader always has the best ways of expressing my emotions through a work day: When someone won't let a meeting end because of all of their "great ideas": When the dramatic girl busts into my office to tell me how she just got "chewed out for being… Continue reading Changing Faces


A Post about a Hook

So...for the most part, I'm an adult now. By that, I mean I'm a 27 year-old homeowner, with a respectable job, that still laughs at "that what she said" and fart jokes. But let's face it, they're hilarious. I am also a 90s child. I love it. I love that we are bringing the 90s fashion… Continue reading A Post about a Hook

On a Serious Note…

I'm going off the cuff from my ordinary humorous tone, to ask you all for your help: As some of you may know, my blog title is  a pun from the Arkansas state motto, "The Natural State." You may or may not be aware that an unofficial F5 tornado rummaged through Central Arkansas last night,… Continue reading On a Serious Note…

Back by…well probably not popular demand here's my updates in a nutshell:-I am one month and 1 day away from being a wife and official Texarkana resident (Mrs. Ross?!?)-I have every intention of at LEAST weekly posts, I really do!...but...-I was recently laid off from my job, immediately, my boss was not informed of it, and I even won a… Continue reading Back by…well probably not popular demand