Pulse Point IV

Because I’m feelin’ it….

When I prepare to eat…almost anything….and we’re out of ketchup/ranch dressing

Utter Disbelief

When I’m on Facebook and I see someone post something that defies every bit of who they really are:


When the sushi chef hands me my sushi plate:

James Franco

When someone snaps an unnecessary, rude/condescending comment to me:

John Wayne is sick of your shit

When I’m talking to pretentious people for business purposes:


When “This Is How We Do It” comes on

House Party Dance

When the bubbly girl in the office is sucking up to our boss:

Big Whoop

When someone tells me I can’t dance:

Confused Lion King

psshh…I know I’m fly…..

have a lovely weekend!


Author: Lauren

Hello and welcome! I live in a state often referenced to Deliverance, but it has some nature eye-candy, as well. This isn't a travel blog, but I do roam once in a while.

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